If you’ve been a business owner for any amount of time you’ve likely experienced the life-giving freedom, flexibility, and creativity that comes with running a business. You’ve probably also discovered that, at times, it can be lonely, stressful, and anxiety-producing. You might be here because you’re feeling stuck, in need of support, and ready to take your business to the next level. I am so excited to partner with you on your journey to creating the business of your dreams. 

I’ve run my business for over 7 years. During that time, I’ve made mistakes, had incredible victories I never imagined, felt like a failure, loved my work more than anything, and wanted to quit. Sometimes I’ve experienced all of these things in a single day! If we stay isolated in our businesses we can quickly become discouraged and burned out. This is why I believe one of the most important things we can do as entrepreneurs is invest in ourselves and invite someone else into our journey.

Having a thriving business requires you to thrive as well. All of my mentoring and workshop experiences prioritize creating a safe space for you to focus on your own mental and emotional health. I know from personal experience that this will allow you to flourish as a person and business-owner. I am here to be your mentor, coach, teacher, friend, and encourager. 

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Amilia is the sweetest. So down to earth and kind and of course, talented. She offered clear, specific, feedback to help me shape my photography, website, and advertising. I loved that we got to spend time both chatting and shooting - it was the perfect balance. I've already started in on making some of the changes and additions she suggested and I couldn't be more energized to take my business to the next level. Thank you, Amilia!

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Amilia's custom workshop is a lifesaver! I spent so much of my time being unorganized and all around pointless in my business methods. Amilia has provided me with an organized system that truly works for me and my photography business. She has guided me in the direction that I need to be successful. She's a complete sweetheart and I truly enjoyed learning from such a talented photographer/girl boss!

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THANK YOU! My mentoring session with you was the push I needed to really believe in my photography and not be afraid to get out there! I'm so glad we worked together that day - you had such great tips and advice! A few sessions and my styled shoot are getting featured on some smaller blogs. They're my first features so I'm really psyched! And I just found out a maternity session I submitted is going to be on Lemonade and Lenses! So, thank you for being awesome and inspiring me and lighting the fire I needed!



The wonderful thing about one-on-one mentoring is that we can address exactly the areas where you feel stuck and need the most support.


These are the things we hardly ever talk about, but they often have the biggest effect on our business. This is an opportunity for us to dive deep and honestly confront the mental and emotional blocks that keep us stuck in our business. We will have an honest conversation on anxiety, negative self-talk, and unhealthy beliefs and strategize how to prioritize self care and healthy boundaries.


Don't let the details and logistics of running a business overwhelm you! Demystify pricing strategies, workflow, bank accounts, SEO, and client management systems so you feel confident that you have a solid strategy to see your business succeed.


Styled shoots have been pivotal for my business! I've made tens of thousands of dollars from styled shoots and they've helped me attract the couples I'd always dreamed of working with! There are real secrets to succeeding with styled shoots, all of which I'll share with you!


How do you find your editing style? How do you effortlessly pose couples? How do you capture authentic candids and work in all different lighting scenarios? How do you get started with shooting film? We can cover all of this and more to help you develop your own signature photography style.


We throw around the phrase "ideal client" so much in this industry but we often don't know what it means! This is all about figuring out how to attract clients who are dying to work with you, uncovering your photography passion, creating a cohesive branding message, and more!


The thing we all hate but desperately need: honest, clear feedback on our photography and business! This includes a portfolio review, website critique, and feedback on your social media. I'm not hear to discourage you, but to give you an outsider perspective on concrete changes you can make.

mentoring packages


Coaching is a great opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with me about your business. Nothing is off limits during these coaching sessions-I'm dedicated to your success! We will work together to create goals, talk through blocks and challenges in your business, and ensure that you leave feeling encouraged, empowered, and with an action plan of where to go next. Coaching sessions can be done in person in Knoxville, TN or over Skype.



Join me for a one day, in-person workshop that's completely customized for you to experience encouragement and breakthrough in your business! We create goals, work through blocks and challenges in your business, and create an action plan for your success. Additionally, the Custom Workshop includes a mini styled shoot, giving you hand-on shooting practice and gorgeous portfolio images. You will leave with concrete, actionable skills that you can use to create the thriving business you've dreamed of! The Custom Workshop is available in Nashville and Knoxville, TN.



A coaching package is for the person who wants an intensive, in-depth, and transformative business experience. The coaching package includes 3 in-person or virtual meetings where we create goals, work through blocks and challenges in your business, and create an action plan of where to go next. In between sessions we will have check-ins, homework, and accountability. If you're ready for real breakthrough in your business, this is for you!



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