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February 20, 2019

Disney on Holga

This fall I got to go on the most amazing Disney/Universal vacation with my friend Lindsay! I had never been to Disney or Harry Potter world before. We planned the trip as a celebration for my Master’s degree. Lindsay seriously planned the entire trip and allowed me to just get to enjoy the vacation. I felt like I got to be such a kid and it was the best. Here were some of my highlights:

  • Riding the Avatar ride Flights of Passage (twice!). Seriously the most amazing ride I’ve ever gone on!
  • Eating our way through Epcot’s food and wine festival. Everything we ate was amazing!
  • Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After firework show. I cried. It was beautiful.
  • Riding the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom 4 times in a row. Who knew it would be such a favorite??
  • Walking into Diagon Alley at Harry Potter World. I can’t even describe how real it felt!
  • Being chosen by a wand, carrying it around all day, and casting spells in Diagon Alley and Hogsmede
  • Being the first one into Harry Potter world in the morning and the last ones to leave
  • Dueling with a tiny baby during the Hogwarts castle show. (There was a baby being held next to me who was staring at my and my wand. I was looking at the show and then all of a sudden see that the baby is holding a straw out to me! We dueled with our wands. It was the best. The baby is a born witch).
  • Casting spells all the way back to the hotel after leaving Harry Potter world

Honestly there are too many favorite moments to even name! So thankful I got to go on this trip with such an amazing friend. I took my Holga, which is a plastic toy film camera, with me on the trip. I carried it around in my fanny pack (I am so hip) and took some photos in Disney and Universal. I love how they came out! Photographed on Portra 400 and 160, scanned by Boutique Film Lab.

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