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You may be here feeling excited and confident about booking your boudoir session. You’ve wanted to do a boudoir session for a while and now is the time! You are ready to rock your session. Welcome, friend! We will have so much fun together.

However, for some of you reading this doing a boudoir session fills you with anxiety. Maybe you’ve thought about a boudoir session for a long time but have never felt like you could do it. Maybe you keep waiting for your body to look a certain way, or haven’t booked because you’re worried about being judged or hating how you look in your photos. Friend I want to tell you, you’re welcome here, too. Come on in, take a leap of faith, and join me on this adventure to grow in self-love and confidence.

Why Boudoir?

For many, many years of my life I struggled with an eating disorder. My eating disorder told me that I was ugly and worthless, and ultimately stole the joy from my life. It was a dark season, so trust me when I say I get what it’s like to feel like your body isn’t good enough, isn’t worthy of love, or feel like your body doesn’t even belong to you.

All of your journeys are different and our relationships with our bodies change over time. But I believe we all need to be reminded of how beautiful, worthy, and awe-inspiring we are. Boudoir is about cultivating self-compassion and self-love, celebrating your body for where it’s at right now and loving it well.

Now that I’m five years recovered from my eating disorder, I have experienced the liberating freedom that comes from accepting yourself fully. It’s opened me up to so much love and joy in the world.

One of my favorite memories is sitting in a villa window in the south of France completely naked, being photographed by a dear friend. When she took my picture she said, “This is for you, so you will always remember how brave you are.”

Nashville Boudoir Photographer

Let’s be brave together.

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